Thursday 20 September 2007

Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dogs tails

It finally stopped raining so BabyEbi decide to explore Nanas back yard, it isn't very big but there are plenty of intersting things to poke at, some strange flowers....

and he discovered a snail, he was fascinated by it, spent a long time investigating it then kept going back to have another look, I don't think he has come across a big snail before.

When he was finally done investigating the yard we went out to look for conkers, opposite moms house there are three big conker trees so we found lots of them. BabyEbi wasn't interested in the ones already on the floor he wanted to find ones still in their shell so he could peel them out, we came back with 2 pocketfuls, I am sure there was a world champion conker or two in there. When we were kids we would try all kinds of methods to harden up the conker to make it a champion, soaking it in vinegar, baking it in the oven, rubbing it with salt, I'm not sure if any of these methods worked! Apparently kids are now banned from playing conkers in school, acording to the EU it is dangerous, hmm yes, well I am pretty sure I have never heard of anyone dying in a particularly vicious game of conkers, a few bruised knuckles maybe......

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