Monday 15 October 2007

Cookies and Books

Had a bit of R&R with babyEbi today. First we went to check out the local park (small play area, not really big enough to call a park), he made friends with a little boy but then went off him when the boy wouldn't play football with him, oh well! We also sat and read a couple of new books Museum Shapes and Museum ABC. They are lovely books, he especially liked the shapes one and spent a long time studying the pictures. The ABC book is good too my big problem with it is that everything is in upper case and we have only been studying little case using phonics so having it say "A IS FOR APPLE" is a bit annoying, love the concept but I feel a bit more thought should have gone into it. On the positive side there are listing of all the pictures in the back and it includes quite a few Japanese pictures too.
So after that we made some cookies using my mom's super easy cookie recipe....if you like the look of these, read on......

basic mix
6oz butter
10oz caster sugar
1 large egg
tsp vanilla
12oz plain flour

cream butter & sugar
beat egg and essence into butter & sugar mix
fold in flour (add variations-see below)

roll into fat sauage shape, wrap in foil, pop into freezer to chill
slice into thin biscuits.

bake at 190 deg C for 10-12 mins until just golden.
They will be soft when you take them out of the oven, put them on a rack to cool and they will go crunchie.

double choc!!
replace 2oz flour with 1oz cocoa
replace vanilla with coffee
add choco chips

tropical bite!!
add mixed dried fruit, pineapple etc

Choco chip!!
just add choco chips to the mix


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