Saturday 10 November 2007

Memory Books - Great Christmas presents!!

Last year I made one of these memory books for my grandmother or "Mother Cock" as she is fondly known - No, it isn't a rude nickname, it a shortened version of her surname!! Anyway, everyone thought it was a great idea so after some feedback from Mother Cock I made some commercial versions.

The idea is to give it to your grandparent or your childs grandparent for them to fill and keep, the book will get passed down to it's rightful owner when the grandparent in question passes away.

There are lots of things I don't know about my own grandparents lives, where grandad proposed, where they went to school, what was their favourite school subject/sport/food etc. Their grandparents names, important people who have featured in their lives, the list goes on. So the books are brimming with questions from the trivial to the deep and meaningful.

Got questions you want to ask yourself, no problem, I left pages at the back just for that purpose, there are also blank pages for photos and places for pearls of wisdom.

Mother Cock complained that the font I had used in her book was "too fancy" so I changed it to a clear, easy to read, no messing type of font, made the writing and book size bigger too.

Twinned with a nice pen it is a perfect Christmas or birthday gift and if granny or granpa are not up to doing the writing you can offer to do as they dictate, what a wonderful way to get to know your parents/grandparents better. I seriously wish I had made these earlier since I only have one grandmother left now. So, get over to the shop and get your order in!!


  1. Great idea! I made some for my grandparents and learned so much about them. For Christmas this year, I'll be copying them and sending them to my cousins for gifts. The gift that keeps on giving! Also, do you have a link for Muji? That balancing toy looks like a great gift for my girls.

  2. here is the muji UK link
    I'm not sure where you are, I got mine in Japan, I assume there are Muji stores in the States but I'm not sure, maybe there is a lonk on the UK site. Hope this helps.


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