Friday 9 November 2007

sink Vs float and the balance game

We had a busy morning today, I gave BabyEbi a presentation of the float and sink exercise, I wasn't sure if he would grasp the concept or not but he did quite well. I don't think he can do it unsupervised yet, I will help him again next time and see how it goes, he seem to understand the difference but then forget which bowl was which. He did enjoy doing it though and repeated the exercise 4 times.

To do the work he half filled a bowl of water, then took an object off the tray and put it in the bowl, if it floated he would then dry it and put it in the 'float' boat (use labels to help) and if it sank he would put it in the 'sink' bowl.

He then got out his balance game, I bought this at Muji quite a while ago but he is only just getting the concept. The players take it in turns rolling the dice, you have to pick up a cylinder of the right colour and place it on the "moon" shaped block, keep taking it in turns trying not to knock the rest of the cylinders off. BabyEbi used to ge upset when it collapsed but now he just thinks it is funny. He also added some of his own rules, once all (or most) of the cylinders are on the moon shape, you roll the dice and take that colour off the moon then use the cylinder to build a tower - which usually falls over after 4 or 5 pieces, more laughter!!

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