Monday 26 November 2007

sound cylinders tutorial

Wow, it has been a week since I posted last, a busy week of making Christmas presents that I really need to send by the end of the week, I have a couple more to do but my sewing machine is having one of her "turns" so progress is slow, maybe she is sulking because she heard a rumour that Mr Ebi will buy me an up-graded model for my birthday *grin*
This morning I managed to make some sound cylinders for BabyEbi

They are not as beautiful as the expensive wooden ones you can buy but they work just as well. 
I basically took some card tubes and filled pairs with different fillings. Dried beans, rice etc. Then taped up the ends with duct tape. Make sure each pair had a red and a blue end.


1. Take the box/basket of sound cylinders to the rug and put it on the middle of the rug. (Can be done at the table too)

2. Take out all cylinders and line them beside the basket, place all the blue together and all the red together then explain to the child what you are going to do.

3. Pick up one blue cylinder this will act as the control, shake it once, close to the ear (do not shake it like a maraca), listen to the sound then let the child listen to it.

4. Take one cylinder from the red line and shake the cylinder to see if it is the same sound as the control one. Let the child listen to the sound and ask the child if they are the same or not.
If it is the same but the pair together in front of the basket/box.

5. If they are not the same but the red cylinder back and repeat step 4 until you find a matching pair. Continue doing the same activity until all the cylinders are matched.

6. Mix them and let the child do it.

7. Once the activity is complete, replace the cylinders into the box/basket and take them back to the shelf, tell the child that he/she can now work with the cylinders whenever they like.

The direct aim of the exercise is auditory discrimination of sound, indirectly it is preparing the child for music.

The exercise can be made more difficult with the introduction of more cylinders and then grading them from quiet to loud.

Click the image below to get free access to the jojoebi resource library

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