Tuesday 20 November 2007

cylinder blocks

Babyebi got his cylinder blocks out yesterday, usually he works with 2 blocks, he has once got 3 blocks out but got bored half way through but yesterday he got all FOUR blocks out.
I helped his lay them out in a square then he sat and did the whole exercise by himself, I love catching him when he is in that deep concentration phase. He has actually started looking into the holes to see how deep they are instead of just dropping the cylinder in and hoping for the best. I must admit, I was surprised that he stuck at it and did them all, he did have to take a couple of minutes time out, to jump up and down on the sofa but then he returned to his work.
Taking all the cylinders out

Trying to find a cylinder to match the hole.

Just look at the concentration on his face!

Putting everything away

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  1. Wow! What a great job! I have 3 year olds who can't do 4 blocks together!(and 1 or 2 four year olds!) Great concentration!


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