Thursday 8 November 2007

stomp, stomp, roar, roar

here come the dinosaurs!

Since discovering dinosaurs in the local park, BabyEbi has become a bit obsessed so I decided to make him some dino 3 part cards and of course a wallet to hold them in....(no, that isn't a kangaroo on the front, it is supposed to be a Parasaurolophus!

With the wallets I made for the art and fruit cards I found that babyEbi (and erm, myself too) would sometimes pick up the wallet upside down and then all the cards would fall out, so this time I made a flap to cover the cards and hopefully hold them in....

I made a set of cards with just the picture, a set with the picture and name, a set of name cards and a set on info cards. I used the clipart from learning page , you have to sign up to access a lot of the file but it is free and there is some great stuff on there.
Although the ribbon ties I have used on other wallets look very pretty, babyEbi can't do and undo them by himself yet, so I used a dino button and an elastic hook so he can open and close it without my help.

Right, I am not sure if this is going to work, it seems to on my computer but if someone could try it out and leave a comment to say if it works or not, that would be lovely. *NOTE* - system does work :o)

OK, go over to my flickr you should see a set called "3 part cards" on the right-hand-side, click on it, you can then click on the 3 part cards icon again or the dino cards icon.

Click on one of the pictures, to the right there is a link in blue "different sizes" click on the link

Above the picture it should say "download the medium size" you could use this but you will get a BETTER quality image if you click on the "original" size - near the top of the page and then download it. (repeat for other files)

You should have the jpg file on you computer to print out as you like.....fingers crossed.


  1. Dear Jo,

    I tried downloading the Dino cards - it works!

    The Large size is alright and still quite clear if you paste it into a WORD.Doc and stretch it.

    But the Medium size comes out blurry if you do the same.

    I downloaded the original size - takes a bit longer - but the clarity is (of course) the best.

    BTW, I love the wallets that you made for the 3-part cards, like Meg's. Wish I were more handy with sewing like both of you!

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Hi Jo,

    I am so impressed with your originality. The wallet and wrap is beautiful!!!! I would catogorize that as an heirloom :) Thanks for your generosity in sharing your files !

  3. Thank you for the feedback, I will change the instructions a bit so that people choose the "original size" option.

    It was pointed out that there was a typo (well it might have been a spelling mistake) on the fact/info cards. It has been corrected and I have uploaded the correct version. - sorry!!

  4. How did you make the wallet? It is too cute! I would love to make some for our 3 part cards too!

  5. I sort of used this idea
    she used a placemat to make the wallet. I didn't have a place mat so I sewed one first.
    I layed out the material, double, right sides in. laid the cards on top, spaced how I wanted them in the wallet, then basically guessed the size from that and cut it out. Sew the two pieces together, right sides in, leave a space so you can turn it right side out. Press. Sew up the hole. place you piles of cards on the "inside" of the wallet, fold up the bottom to almost cover the cards, pin between them so you know where to sew then sew including the ends to make the pockets. Then fold over the top to make a flap, it should just cover the cards (if you are lucky and your measurements - guess work in my case, are right) sew along the top egde so that the flap stays down. Press. Put all the cards in and fold up, you might find it folds better one way than another, once you are happy, sew on a button and make an elastic hoop as a fastener.
    I hope this makes sense. Meg has a tutorial for some lovely wallets on her Montessori By hand blog but I found the placemat idea easier - and I am all for easy!

  6. I love the card wallet. I need to whip up a bunch of those for my classroom this fall. I used a button and elastic closure on the crayon rolls I am making for my classroom instead of the ribbon. I have photos of them on the blog if you haven't seen them.


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