Tuesday 11 December 2007

Shape Hunt

The other day we needed to go to the drug store which, is only a 5 minute walk away. Before we left I printed out a piece of paper with a collection of shapes on it, we got dressed and took the paper, a pen and the camera with us. As we walked along we tried to find at least one of every shape on the list and take a photo of it, we did quite well, we found an octagon but the only shape which eluded us was the pentagon. The five minute walk ended up taking and hour and a half! The photos we took are here I intend to do a follow up exercise, maybe keep it for a rainy day and make a shape book using the pictures we took and any others we can find, BabyEbi really enjoyed it so we might do a indoors shape hunt too.

This is a manhole cover, I love these in Japan, they always have cute pictures on them, this one must be for the fire service. The regular manhole covers in this town have red roses on them since the town if famous for it's rose garden.

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