Friday 11 January 2008

busy making things

That about sums up the last few days. Let's see....
Wednesday I made 55 mini carrots out of salt dough, they are not painted yet so I'm not 100% sure how they will turn out, maybe I will use them for the swap depending on what they are like.
Thursday I had a great sewing day, BabyEbi was very co-operative and let me get on with it, I managed to do 3 totes, a set of photos in a nice frame all wrapped in a pojagi (not a fancy one just patterned cotton) for his great grandmother who will be 92 next week. A bib and bunny set for my sister-in-law who is due at the end of the month, I also have a matching scalloped blanket to go with it but I haven't finished that yet. A cute teddy bear that BabyEbi has claimed as his own and a birthday present for my cousin who had put in a specific request - can't show you yet in case she pops in. It turned out to be quite a challenge because I had to make the pattern up from scratch.
I am also quite excited because a friends of mine has a shop and she has asked if I would like to make some things to sell in it, hence the totes, the bags themselves are done but I want to personalise them a bit before handing them over. She also wants to sell more baby goods so I am planning on making more bunny in the bag and bib sets and some more cute bears.

Today I made some cards for BabyEbi, they are not strictly Montessori but I think BabyEbi will enjoy working with them. I got these threading beads a while back and he really likes them, if I take them off the shelf he will ask for me to get them out again. The actually threading exercise is too easy for him now and he soon gets bored so he tried to use the beads in other ways. To try and curb this I made cards increasing with difficulty with a picture of the beads threaded and he has to copy the picture picking out the right colour and shape of bead. We will see how it goes.......


  1. How did you make the bead cards? Did you draw them? I just love that idea of making it more of a challenge. My 3 y o loves to string beads but he just makes necklaces and snakes without any pattern.

  2. I did them on Photoshop. I made a note of how many beads of each colour and shape he has in the basket first then drew a string and added the beads. Printed them out and laminated them so that they will last. (old teaching habits die hard!)

  3. Thanks Jo! We do not have photoshop but I am sure my DH can help me figure out a way to do it when I show him your beautiful pictures!

  4. gee what a great idea - thanks for sharing


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