Tuesday 15 January 2008

Shopping Game 2

BabyEbi is very much into this game at the moment. He sets up a shop using his counting objects (which all happen to be fruits and vegetables) on the shelves in his bedroom, He sorts all of them into separate baskets. Then he gets his shopping basket out and asks me what I want, i use the number cards, ask him what the number is - he only knows about half of them, so I will say something like "I want 6 carrots please". So, off he goes with his basket, he counts the carrots into the basket, brings them back then counts them out of the basket and onto the table. We continue until he has used up all the number cards. Then he usually puts all the shopping away and asks to play again, we had to play four times the other day!

The Shop

Counted out onto the table

This is the last reminder to sign up for the SWAP if you haven't already and you want to join then email me at montessori.swapshopgmail.com. Those who have signed up, I will email you by the end of the week with your swap partners info.

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  1. I love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration. Forgive me if this comment posts twice, I'm having some computer gremlins bugging me this morning!
    Thank you
    In PEACE
    aka Montessori Mama


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