Sunday 9 March 2008

A lovely lady....

Jan fromWhere is my brother and I are both members of MIJ (married in Japan) which is a great support group for women married to Japanese. Anyway, a few weeks back I asked for recommended Japanese storybooks for BabyEbi, I had lots of replies and Jan emailed me to say she had a pile of books that I could have for the cost of postage. What a bargain, we got over 50 lovely books in the post yesterday, all in lovely condition. Thank you Jan!
I am drawn to Japanese books, I think it is the difference in illustration techniques, many of these new books have great pictures too, which I believe is just as important and the story for little ones, I often catch BabyEbi engrossed in a book, studying the pictures down to the finest detail.
So, here you are, sit back and enjoy the pictures....

PS - if you want one of these groovy little gadgets for displaying your photos just click on the 'pictobrowser' in the bottom right-hand corner.


  1. These images are just stunning!! I love Japanese things....have always wanted to live there. I can't imagine having Japanese books for my children! If you know of anyone else who has spare books to get rid of, please let me know! :0) Love reading your blog...great ideas and lovely inspirations!

  2. I love Japanese picture books!!! I have quite a few that I want to read with my kids one day, a lot were given to me as gifts by friends when I left Japan the first time (I am back now!) or by my boyfriend who knows how much I love to collect books!

    I am sure babyebi will love them too! You are very lucky to have friends like Jan!!! One day I will have to join MIJ also (Won`t be married to my Japanese sweetheart until May next year!)

  3. wow!!. what a nice post!!!!

    I have access to lots more books. Those of you in japan can contact me and I will be happy to send them to you, for the cost of postage.

  4. thanks for sharing (plus taking the effort and time!) the wonderful pictures/drawings. love the last picture of little girls with umbrella and rainboots in the rain! :)
    perhaps i can print some picture and show ivan and discuss some details of the drawings or make them into a japanese collage?
    could you share some titles/authors of the books too ;)
    i would like to purchase them for ivan if we have the chance to visit japan in future...

  5. beautiful. i am also a big fan of japanese graphics and children's illustrations.

  6. ps: nice to find this beautiful blog through chin yee. i think i will be referring to it often for my teaching and projects at the little library i run.


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