Friday 7 March 2008

magic colour mixing

Magic Colour Mixing 

We have done this a couple of times but used a brush to mix the colours and well, it wasn't very successful. This time I found some pipits so we could drop the coloured paint into glass jars with water and it worked much better. So much that BabyEbi declared that it was magic, which of course, it is!

You will need:

3 glass jars
tray to work on
jug for pouring water
red, blue and yellow water colour paint, diluted with a little water
pipits for each colour of paint
clean up cloth
and probably paper to do some painting afterwards.

Babyebi set out the three jars and filled them about 1/3 with water.

Then we practised using the pipits for a bit before I bought out the paint. We talked about each colour then I asked him which colour he wanted to add first. "Blue" so he did and then before he added the red I asked him what colour the water would be he said blue so when it turned purple he was amazed.

We continued until he had mixed purple, orange and green and then he wanted to do it all again. The third time we did it I drew some squares on a postcard for him to fill in, like a maths equation so he painted in the boxes red + yellow = green.

When we talked to my mom on the computer later in the day he could show her what he had been doing and was explaining how the colours mixed together made a new magic colour.

Of course afterwards we had to do some painting using the pipits, lots of fun and lots of mess!

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