Thursday 10 April 2008

The Colour Tablets

The last couple of posts I have mentioned the colour tablets and I have had a couple of questions about them.
They are printed onto slightly glossy paper, backed onto card and laminated. I designed them so that the edges have a wooden look like the original ones that Maria Montessori used.

I have ummed and ahhhed about this, I am a SAHM but we are certainly not rich and any extra income I can bring in would make life that little bit easier. So, I finally decided that things that I have made from scratch such as the colour tablets I will charge for but keep the costs low and things like the three part cards where I don't actually own the copyright of the pictures used I will put up on Flickr so you can download for free (as long as you only use them for personal use, they are not to be sold).

So, the full set of colour tablets can be found here.
The PDF file contains all three colour tablet boxes. The first is the 3 primary colours. The second is primary, secondary plus black, white and grey and the final set are the graded tablets each colour has 7 grades.

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  1. you are right to ask for a little bit extra. Considering that you are taking some time to do this it should be rewarded. To be honest I think that it is very affordable and yet not too expensive. Some nomenclature cards are sold between $5 to 10.00.
    thank you for sharing this with us.


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