Friday 11 April 2008

Virtual Play Date

When babyEbi was born I convinced my mom to get rid of her crappy PC and buy a Mac. So now we use ichat, Macs video calling software, like skype but the quality is better. Anyway, last week my mom had my brothers staying for a few days so BabyEbi got to see his cousins and have a good ole chat with D who was, no doubt, giving BabyEbi tips on how to get into all kinds of mischief! Then yesterday my step-sister and her 3 year old daughter were at my moms (we have never met A because they live in Greece) but BabyEbi and A had a great time.
First they had a bit of a chat and showing each other their toys and books. Then A showed BabyEbi how to do Greek dancing so he got up and had a go too, then they made me and my mom get up and join in. After that it was group 'wheels on the bus' and several other songs then suddenly it was bath time and the play date had to be cut short.
It is great that with the technology today BabyEbi can still get to see his relatives even though they live the other side of the world. My mom gets to see more of BabyEbi than the other grandchildren that live just an hours drive away. Of course a virtual hug isn't the same as a real life one but we all had a lot of silly fun anyway.

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