Monday 21 April 2008

The Flags Are Out!

All across the UK today the Union Jack will be flying, why you may ask, well it's because it is my mom's birthday and they always fly the flags for her. Well, that is what SHE told me as a child and of course I believed her and of course it had nothing to do with it being Queen Elizabeth's birthday!
I sent my mom's present ages ago with all the other April birthday presents,  I made her this portrait of babyEbi using Anna Maria's idea

I also made her a tote with a lily design on one side and spotty cordroy on the other, hope she likes it!

Happy Birthday Mom and you too queenie!

We (well hubby) has had a busy weekend putting up the fence, now it doesn't go all the way round yet but it is a start and at least it will stop Babyebi from running into the road, although he can open the gate without any problem so I am off to find a Babyebi-proof bolt or something. We also ran out of white stones so hubby had to go and buy some more. Although he is an engineer he isn't really the DIY type of guy so I am very impressed with his attempts so far, just hope it doesn't all blow down the next windy day we get!

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