Tuesday 22 April 2008

Knobless Cylinders

These were one of the things I bought recently from IFIT and babyEbi is really enjoying working with them. I have made a set of pattern sheets to go with them, there are 20 patterns in all starting from one colour easy ones... and then two colours..... followed by three colours, this one is quite tricky and even more so if you have hiccups at the time! Then I made some which need cylinders placing on top of other cylinders, babyEbi hadn't really got the hang of this one yet. Once the child can create the patterns of top of the paper they can re-create the patterns next to the paper, this is quite hard, especially for a little boy who isn't yet three. I printed and laminated my sheets back to back with an extra piece of A4 between them and they have come out lovely. Here are all the designs.... If you would like a set of these patterns then pop over to my Etsy store. The file also includes 3D designs for kids to make once they have mastered the first ones. 

And if you want to get access to the free resource library, just CLICK HERE to sign up!

resource library showing examples of some of the products available



  1. Hi..stumbled upon your blog..I'm a foreigner living in japan too..love Montessori too and i think i'm gonna stalk your blog from now on..hahaha

  2. Very nice! This post makes me want to buy the knobless cylinders :) I'm still working on my color tablets. After I finish blogging, I'm going to laminate them, so that we can start working with them tomorrow. I'll post about them once I finish them. Thanks so much for such great tablets!

  3. These look like so much fun. Nicely done.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi! thanks for dropping by, you can get the file in my Etsy store, it now has 3D extensions too!


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