Thursday 17 April 2008

Free Downloads -penguins

How to get them.... same as the last lot.....
Go over to my Flickr page on the right are the sets, find the one called '3 part cards' and click on it, it will open a new page, I have re-sorted them into card sets.
Click on the card set you want, a new page will open showing each file (each file prints out on A4 with 4 cards per page), click on the file picture, above the picture should be 'all sizes' click on that
Above the picture it should say "download the medium size" you could use this but for better quality pictures click on the "original" size and then download it. (repeat for other files)
You should have the jpg file on you computer to print out as you like.....fingers crossed.
These cards are just for personal use, by no means sell them in any format, digital or otherwise.

Now, I am by no means a penguin expert, so if i have got the labels wrong please let me know.

I want to make information cards to go with these and was wondering if anyone knows of a good resource for me to gather the info needed. I would like the cards to have...
  • height
  • weight
  • main food eaten
  • where in the world they are found
  • distinguishing features
  • random interesting notes about each breed
and possibly anything else I think of. If you know of something/web site etc. if you could pop the info in the comments box that would be lovely!
*At home I would go to the local library but that is not an option here :o(.

Flickr keeps changing it's set up! So the cards are now available as a free bonus with my Montessori Inspired book (along with several other sets of cards) 

Get the book HERE


  1. Try this Sea World site. They have great teacher resources.

    Please excuse my user is my teenagers and I don't know how to get mine back!

  2. Thanks, oshin, that link is perfect, exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much.

  3. My daughter loves her penguin cards I downloaded them when you first made them. She has autism and they give her such comfort. She matches the pictures and then she puts the information cards in her order. Thank You. I'm making a new set for our map work

  4. Thank you Shannan, it it always lovely to hear that children are enjoying the cards.

  5. Thank you so much! Can I add this link under "additional resources" on my Antarctica unit? I am at

  6. Not sure if my other comment went through:)- can I link to this in my Antarctica unit? I am at

  7. I was able to access your 3-part cards but they were difficult to get to. Is it possible to host them on a different site? Or even to post them as PDFs that could be downloaded from your site instead of from flickr?

    1. The cards are now available as part of the bonus for my Montessori Inspired Activities For Pre-schoolers book (along with several other sets of cards). I moved them off flickr because there were all kinds of problems and I couldn't keep up with the changes they keep making.
      You can get the book here


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