Wednesday 16 April 2008

free downloads -veggie cards

I have been sorting through my files and realised that I hadn't put these up on Flickr, so here you are, a set of Vegetable 3 part cards.
How to get them....
Go over to my Flickr page on the right are the sets, find the one called '3 part cards' and click on it, it will open a new page, I have re-sorted them into card sets.
Click on the card set you want, a new page will open showing each file (each file prints out on A4 with 4 cards per page), click on the file picture, above the picture should be 'all sizes' click on that
Above the picture it should say "download the medium size" you could use this but for better quality pictures click on the "original" size and then download it. (repeat for other files)
You should have the jpg file on you computer to print out as you like.....fingers crossed.
These cards are just for personal use, by no means sell them in any format, digital or otherwise.

I have a few more but I need to convert the files to JPG first, when I get a minute or two...

I have already had some people sign up for postcard snack swap if you haven't and want to follow the directions here

If you just want to send off and receive random postcards then try postcrossing, one of my swap partners, Yndhira introduced me to it.

What else? Oh yes, Meg from Montessori By Hand has moved and changed her blog name, she can now be found at Sew Liberated. Also Bella Dia has started a new blog called The Crafty Crow which will be a children's craft collective. I already have my eye on puffy paint idea

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  1. this is very nice of you to share your nomenclature cards with us. cheers gg


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