Thursday 19 June 2008

How does he do that?

About 3 months ago I gave Babyebi the presentation with the number rods, after the presentation he did it by himself (with a bit of help from me) then put it all back on the shelf. He has had it out once since then, didn't do the exercise, just took it out and then put it away again. He took it out for the second time earlier this week and sat and did it all by himself, he asked me a couple of times whether he had the correct numeral, he gets stuck with 6 and 9 but basically did it all himself. So, he hasn't seen the presentation for 3 months yet he remembered how to do it all, how does he do that? He did the same with the binomial cube last week.

working with the number rods


BabyEbi is also very much into writing his letters now, he can write about half of the alphabet and although I had planned to introduce letters in a set order it all went pair-shaped when he decided which letters he would write! I have been keeping an eye on him to make sure he writes the stroke order correctly and I am now putting out a couple of new letters after each work session, ready for the next time. The problem is that the letters he can write can't be made into many words so I am trying to get the more commonly used letters in there so he can start working with the picture cards properly.

writing his name on his word book

The word book he is using has the front page and 4 writing practice pages, I have just put one line on the practice page for now and if he manages to actually write on the line that's great but I am not bothered about that for now, I think forming the letters are more important. I will introduce putting letters on the line with the moveable alphabet but leave writing within the lines when he has better pencil control.
If you want a copy of the books the word book is here and letter book here Click on 'all sizes' just above the image and then choose which size you want to download.
Babyebi has these books for writing his letters as well as his words.

I forgot to to post about this, we went to a fresh water aquarium at the weekend, it isn't a very big place, big enough to keep a little one amused. It is set in a big park so we had a lovely picnic and babyebi got to run round on proper grass (many of the parks in Japan don't have grass as such) so this was a rare treat and he loved it!

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