Friday 20 June 2008

WOW 100 countries

It just blows me away to think that over the last 6 months I have had visitors from 100 countries! I admit, I wasn't expecting to hit 100 just yet, but as promised, another giveaway!
The prize will be a surprise bag of crafty, Japanesey, and hand made goodies, interested?
Then leave a comment with
  1. A suggested name for the mermaid, she is going off to the Softies for Mirabel appeal but needs a name for her passport.
  2. Where you are now
  3. Where you are from if different from 2.
  4. contact email address

The Ebi clan will pick out a winner next Friday 27th.

we were going to pick a winner as a family on Friday night BUT one third of the Ebi clan is out of town SO I will be taking the list of names to the playgroup picnic on Saturday morning and getting the member to vote for a winner, so you still have time to enter. I will take note of the names first thing Saturday morning (Japan time!)


  1. Her name should be Siren! Cheesy, I know. I am in the US, California to be exact. Born and bred!

  2. Hi,
    You should name her 'Duyung' (doo-yoo-ng). It means mermaid in Malay Language.
    I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  3. Hi, I think she should be called warmi yaku (water woman) in quechua the incas language...I live in California but I am from Peru...I love your blog!!!! you have tons of ideas that I have used in my house and at school with my

  4. Leslie, or, Lulu. I think it needs to start with an L. I live in the US - Minnesota, but grew up in Illinois.


  5. Consider "Cantik", means beautiful in Indonesian :).
    I'm now in Tokyo, originally from Indonesia - Found your blog from MIJ (^___^).

  6. How about Molly (as in Molly the Mermaid)?

    I found your blog when I was randomly searching for preschool ideas. I LOVE IT! It was also appealing to me because my dad is Japanese and I have a longing to be back there. :) I will be a SAHM July 1 and I am gathering ideas for my DS (just turned 3) and DD (2 in July). I was born, raised, and currently reside in Wyoming, USA.

    Have a fabulous day!

  7. What about Yara, or the water queen, in Tupi/Guarani mythology? I am in Germany (born and raised, but have lived in the US and in Brazil) and sneak by your great blog ever so often :)

  8. Hello!!

    I take my chance another time!!

    You should name her Nerea.

    Nereo the old man of the see mary to Doris daughter of the ocean and they have 50 daughters!!

    I write from Spain, a village called Navarcles at 70km of Barcelona. I was born in Switzerland and live here since 1995.

    I read your blog every day!! It give a lot of ideas to do with my kids!!


  9. You could name her Serenity. Floating around in the sea all day seems like a pretty serene thing to me. I would LOVE to live near the ocean. BUT.........I am from Iowa, USA. Born and raised.

  10. Hiya,
    I think the name Dar suits her. She looks like a bayou mermaid to me.
    I am in Wichita, KS. A few of us here use a lot of your wonderful ideas. I am not from the south, but my mother in law is a Louisiana Yaya all the way, I'm going to send her a link to see it.

  11. I think her name should be "Umi". We currently live in Florida. I am originally from Louisiana, but have lived in Japan at two different points in my life (Fukuoka-ken 95-96 and Okinawa 03-06). I love peeking in on your blog because of the creative posts plus it gives me a taste of Japan which I miss very much.

  12. Lola the Mermaid. I currently live in Nevada, US. I've also lived in California, Nebraska and Utah.

  13. I think she should be called Maisy Mae the Mysterious Mermaid

    I am from England. Love your Blog and your son is very cute.


  14. Nat, short for Nautilus. She's so cute!

    I'm an American; currently residing in South Carolina; I was born just one state up in North Carolina.

    Thanks for the giveaway -- it'd be so neat to win!


  15. Well, as hokey as it is, our mermaid is named Shelly. That's just what you call mermaids around here.
    I currently live in California, near San Jose, I'm from Michigan, but I've lived all over the US and spent two years in Germany. I love Japan, and I've been there twice, both times awesome. I've been reading your blog for a couple months now, since I stopped working recently to stay home with my two year old, and I've been working on the whole Montessori thing. My contact is katharos on

  16. Her name shoud be Mia the Mermaid just because I like alliteration :) I live in SC, and my email address is

  17. How about Uma? It's the name of a Hindu goddess, means luminosity and tranquility - and that's one of the names I really wanted for my child - before I knew his gender!

    I'm from India and I live there, and I love your blog - and the way you're bringing up babyebi. kudos.


  18. Hi,
    Why not call her Seriri which is a japanese mermaid name in the game puyo puyo?
    I am dutch but live in Paris, France

  19. Name idea: Mai
    My location: Lenox, MA, USA

  20. I don't know if I'm too late for this one or not, but here goes:
    The name Madeline just popped in my head - don't know why...
    I'm from Tennessee USA. Born and raised.
    email: white(dot)erika77(at)yahoo(dot)com


  21. Hi! I am thinking: Ebi-maid or Mer-Ebi ;)

    She's beautiful!
    Amber in Australia

  22. Hope and I think her name should be Keilana which means "Adored One" in Hawaiian... She is a beautiful mermaid...

    We are from California... and are still in California...

    I love your blog!!!

  23. I think she should be Nanami because she is made in Japan. Unless she has super powers then she should be Ultra-marine.
    From Adelaide Australia

  24. I think she should be Nanami because she is made in Japan. Unless she has super powers then she should be Ultra-marine.
    From Adelaide Australia

  25. Hi,

    I suggest "DENIZ KIZI" = sea girl = mermaid in Turkish.

    I was born in China, grew up in Istanbul and live in Southern California.

    Loved your blog.

  26. ****I have just printed off the list of names, any other added after this post are too late, sorry!*****

  27. Hurrah! Thank you for joining us in our Softies for Mirabel campaign! Hurrah for Serenity! Thanks thanks thanks for your kind stitching!


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