Monday 7 July 2008

continent folders continued....

I have finally finished for now

So, from left to right, we have the puzzle maps, not in a rack yet! On the front of the white shelving are the colour coded folders, the next shelf has a wicker basket with the 3 part continent cards and the picture continent cards are in the green basket. The bottom shelf has a pink basket with animals from each continent which BabyEbi places on the map when he has finished it.
Then on the shelves just to the right are the items from around the world and a basket of postcards, I have been looking for some suitable baskets or boxes to put them in.

In the folders I have put a clear plastic folder with pictures from magazines in it, I was going to back them onto card but decided against it so that he can use the pictures to make his own books etc. We don't get many magazines so it is hard to replace any pictures he does use! I also put any information pamphlets that I have, mini books and that kind of thing and finally a CD with songs from the relevant continent. 

I have made up a PDF file containing the 3 part continent cards, a black and white world map to be coloured in and a colour map as a control chart plus CD covers with the continents printed on the them to keep your CD's in. If you would like a copy you can download it here.


  1. Your set-up looks great. I am going to click over to your downloads now. Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing.

  2. Great job! I'm going to check out the downloads now, too. Thanks!

  3. do you still have these avaliable for download?

    1. Hi Mama, yes I still the sell the files, the Lulu link was broken for some reason so I have updated it or you can find them here


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