Tuesday 8 July 2008

muffin tin Monday

well, actually it looks like Saturday is muffin tin day in this house, babyebi is loving it!

L-R top row... kidney beans, mini tomatoes, grapes, pasta salad
middle.... pretzels, courgette & onion, yellow pepper, cucumber
bottom....more pasta salad. raisens, mini sauasages, kamaboko (Japanese fish cake)

He ate everything exept the kidney beans, which he likes when they are mixed in with something, just didn't like them on their own!


  1. looks soo yummy. I might serve Amber a muffin tray tonight.

  2. How cute is this!! I am so going to have to do this with my kids. They will love it!

  3. Hope wants me to make a muffin tin like the one in your picture... she was next to me when I was reading and she loved the idea :)



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