Wednesday 9 July 2008

the music man

The rainy season is still with us and so I am having to come up with more new things for BabyEbi to do, not that this idea is new, new to him! I got out 7 of our Ikea glasses and put a few drops of food colour in the bottom, mixing some of the colours.
Babyebi then poured in the water, I actually measure the water so that each glass would have a different amount, an older child could probably do that themselves.

pouring in the water and discovering what colour it would be

When he had done all the glasses I gave him a spoon and he played sweet music - OK, it wasn't that sweet but he enjoyed it, we then tried using different things to tap the glasses with, the gadget used to get honey out of a pot was the best. I don't have a musical bone in my body but we tried to tap out some tunes then we moved the glasses around and played them again.

When he had had enough of the music playing he asked for a pippet and proceeded to mix the colours, transfering the coloured water from one glass to another, he sat and did this for ages, all in all he played with this glasses of water for over an hour and a half, he probably would have stayed there longer if it wasn't dinner time. It was a great activity on some many levels.

completely absorbed in transfering coloured water.

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  1. This is fantastic!!! We are defintely doing this tomorrow. Thanks!


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