Sunday 28 September 2008

busy, busy, busy

I haven't had much time to post the last few days, too busy having fun!
Ebi-kun is lovin' being pampered by Nana and Papie and I am lovin' the free time I am getting to do exciting things such as sort out my stash draws - seemed like a good idea at the time but took me a lot longer that i thought it would.  I also got a couple of hours to do some sewing so I made 5 pairs of love birds, haven't got round to photographing them yet maybe later if the sun comes out.

Yesterday we went over to Enomoto farm, a little farm which makes it's own ice-cream which is SO good. Of course the ice cream was the first stop, Ebi-kun had the seasonal chestnut and daddy-ebi tried the pumpkin, I stuck with the tried and tested chocolate and Nana and Papie both had hazelnut, everyone agreed it was really good.

In the yard they have a big collection of little cars, bikes and trucks so Ebi-kun had a whale of a time trying them all out - even if he did get into them backwards.
Papie even got in on the action... (note - his hair isn't usually as long and wild as that, I think he is going through his 'aging rocker' stage :o) )
What I love about this farm is that it reminds me of home, I grew up next to a dairy farm and whilst they didn't make ice-cream we did have lots of things like tire rope swings and old tractors to play on. We had lots of dens and hide-outs a tree house of sorts and a commando slide. I grew up playing on such stuff but when I look at it all now, it is a law suit waiting to happen - or it would be back home or in the States, Japan hasn't caught up with that whole sue your ass off for any old excuse thing yet.
The farm also has a handful of animals to pet and places to have a picnic, there is a BBQ spot and you can have a nice walk down by the river, it is a great place for me to go when I am feeling a bit homesick, it even smells like home (think cow poo LOL)

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