Thursday 25 September 2008

can't think of a fancy title today...

We had a great time at the park for Alfie's birthday, lots of people turned up and it was the first proper playgroup meeting since the summer so it was great to catch up with all those who had been away over the summer.
Ebi-kun had a great time, racing round like a loonie, he was so tired afterwards, I am glad we were offered a lift home, I didn't relish taking him home via the train.

My friend Kym will be having a closing down sale in her shop since she is moving back to Malaysia in the near future but she is also having a 'crafters corner' for handmade goods so I am having a look to see what I have got to offer. I have a few bits and bobs lying around and I am trying to think of something I can whip up to go with it, something quick that I can charge a cheap price for...any ideas?
The most productive thing I did yesterday was to finish the boring essays that I have been proof reading for hubby's boss, I had to do 50 of them all in all, good stuff to put you to sleep, I am glad they are out of the way, at least the money for reading them was good :o)
I have got some more bento goodies for the shop, I hope to get the photos taken today and all the info uploaded today or tomorrow.....

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