Friday 12 September 2008

not much to report...

I have had a dodgy tum the last couple of days so I haven't really been up for doing much. 
We have done some Montessori work but nothing new, he has had the car parking game out a few times since I introduced it. He is also into writing at the moment. Yesterday he got out the magnetic board and letters (from my teaching days) plus some cards I made years ago which are all 3 letter words. 

First he spelled out the word

Then checked the back on the card to see if he was right

then he added the word to his word book
Back when I was teaching, I used A LOT of books and the such like but over time weeded out the ones I didn't like. One resource I stuck with was Starfall, they have little printable books, each concentrates on a particular sound and there are work sheets to go with it, I have recently discovered that they have online games too. I still have the books I printed out years ago and so I have started to introduce them to Ebi-kun. Another set of books I likes are produced by the Kinney Brothers, the books have lots of puzzles and phonics related activities do it doesn't feel like a regular 'drill the kids stupid' type of book, they were popular with my ESL students. Kinney brothers also have lots of free downloads on their site too!
The most arty/crafty thing I have done over the last couple of days is make a star shaped egg!
It is a 3 day holiday this weekend so I hope we can finish off the garden and get some seeds planted to get a let harvest in. I also need to tackle to pantry, we really need to sort out shelves in there, it is one of those jobs that we haven't got round to yet, even though we have been in this house for a year now!
Last but not least Clare, who was one of my wonderful testers for my mermaid pattern has a picture of the cute little mermaid she made here :o)


  1. what a clever boy!!!

  2. Hi,

    I just stumbled here through ikeahacker - an old post I think it was, then I liked enough of the pics of Ebi's bedroom that you did to explore some, and came across this post. Quite a coincidence, since I also recently featured Starfall in my blog! I write about websites for young children at Drop in if you have a bit of time :) Meanwhile I am off to read more - am liking it more with each post as well!


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