Tuesday 16 September 2008

A long weekend

In more than one way, I was feeling off most of the weekend so we didn't get as much done as I hoped, oh well! We did go to a home centre recommended by a friend, she had forewarned me that it has a great craft section which I had a look around, but this is how ill I felt, I didn't buy ANYTHING, I think that is the first time I have ever entered a place of craftiness and not found anything I HAD to have LOL. When we finished up there we bought a few bits and bobs from the house section before heading to the garden centre part to stock up on peat moss and carrot seeds. I also fell for a lovely black plant, my inner goth said I must have it, so into the basket it went, I looked it up when I got home and it is a Black Pearl Pepper plant. When we finished with the garden stuff we went to the pet section - no we don't have a pet, unless you include Ebi-kun but he likes to look at the dogs and fish.
Just look at these meals and cakes - not for humans but our little doggy friends
and then there is the doggy pick and mix!
but this is what really made me laugh, it is an automatic dog washing machine, sadly there was no dog in it :o(
So, here is the finished SFG, I forgot to take pictures after we planted the black pepper plant and Brussel spouts, I am really hoping they will be ready for picking at Christmas. We also planted carrots, red carrots, chives, turnips, cauliflower, broccoli and spinach all of which, according to the packets were OK to plant at this time of year - here's hoping.
This little box of 4 has been claimed by Ebi-kun as his garden, here he is watering his red carrots. Of course The Carrot Seed has been a favourite bedtime book this weekend.
I wasn't organised to make a muffin tin dinner this weekend so instead I did a 'construct your own robot' dinner. Using leftover pasta I made pasta omlette in my Japanese rectangular pan then cut it up so I had a body, head and legs, the arms were made from scraps from the body. Then I added some bits to make buttons, eyes etc. And left him to it....
One yummy looking robot :o)  This would be easy to do with toast too, it was a big hit so I think we will be doing it again some time.

My parents arrive on Friday (mom told me it was Thursday but only after double checking the tickets did she realise she lands the day after take off - phew!) It is the first time they have seen the house so I want to get it in some kind of order. My 'stash' has taken over the upstairs cupboard which means I have no where to shove the winter blankets and the pantry seems to have a life of its own, the boxes in there seem to be reproducing quicker than mice! We still have 2 boxes under the computer desk that have never been unpacked - we moved in a year ago, so this week will be the week of sorting!
On another note, I found some more cute things to go in the shop but I think I will do one big update probably later in the week, hopefully the weather will clear up so I can take some nice photos. 


  1. Hi jo!! You garden with the white stones looks really lovely, modern, bright and inviting.

  2. LOL i never thought there is such thing as automatic dog washing machine..hahaha..ok first when i came to Japan i was amused by their vendor machine, they sell almost everything automatically!but a automatic dog washing machine....hahaha

  3. We will definitely have to do build your own robot toast sometime.


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