Tuesday 30 September 2008

The park, a BBQ and the SFG

We took Nana and Papie to our local park on Sunday, it is a lovely little park, we looked for acorns in 'Totoro's forest', tried out all the equipment in the play area then moved onto the assult course, Ebi-kun likes to call this the ninja thing...

Daddy-ebi also got in on the action, heaven knows what he is trying to do.
After a good run around at the park we went home for a BBQ and I must say Daddy-ebi did much better that the last time we go the BBQ out. We had japanese style, so no burgers, sauasages or chunks of steak, it was small pieces of beef, chicken and veg followed by yaki-soba all washed down with a beer or too, a great Sunday afternoon.
Of course, Ebi-kun had to get in on the BBQ making groove, this is what he rustled up for lunch...
The SFG is doing well, it has been two weeks since we planted the seeds, the square at the front are Ebi-kuns carrots which are doing well. The ones at the back are brussel sprouts, I bought them as plants.
These are the turnips, also planted from seed, we also have broccoli, chives, cauliflower and spinach all sprouting well. I ordered some swede and parsnips, I'm not sure if they will survive but I am really hoping they will be ready for Christmas. 

Last night I made a couple of felt brooches but I haven't had chance to photograph them yet. Today we are off for a crafters lunch which I am really looking forward to despite the fact that I have lost my voice and have been coughing like I smoke 60 a day (I don't smoke at all!). At least I have got Nana here to keep Ebi-kun in line since I can't do any shouting :o)

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