Thursday 2 October 2008

crafters lunch

Kym organised a lunch for all the crafters that put things in her shop, my parents came too so I think there were 11 adults in all plus a baby, a 10 month old and Ebi-kun. We went  to a lovely Italian place for the lunch, I had gorgonzola penne which Ebi-kun loved, he ate about half of mine! I was surprised because it has quite a strong taste, the boy likes his food, he announced that he wanted to go to a nice restaurant for his dinner too.  The lunch was good fun, I didn't get to chat with everyone and my voice was nothing more that a croak anyway, chatting was quite hard going. Some of the ladies speak English and were keen to practice so my parents had a fun time too, Yoshiko-san has travelled quite a bit and is very funny so she had us all in fits of giggles. Kym has decided to have a closing down week and within that week to have workshops and a crafters flea market. Somehow I got roped into doing a workshop in English! I will probably make felt brooches something like these...

I have some other designs I am working on, I think they need to be fairly easy ones for the time limit aspect so I won't be doing the peacock and the mushroom looks too much like a lot of the Japanese kawaii stuff around such as Decole, I'd rather make something that has my 'stamp' on it as such. I might make some up as kits to go in the shop...when I get some free time that is.

Yesterday morning we managed to fit in some Montessori work, Ebi-kun picked maths based work, first he used this little magnetic board I picked up in the ¥100 shop, it is for simple addition and subtraction, using pictures of fruit, he had to pick the right numeral too, he is getting better with them.
Then he started a number book for more number practice. Each page has a flower then he sticks butterflies to the page depending on the number at the bottom of the page, he did 4 pages before getting bored so we put it back on the shelf for another time. We are going to the ¥100 shop today so I will have a look for some autumn inspired bits to make up some new activities.
Then he got the world map out, he worked with this for a while, then we played a slam game with the matching cards,  mom called out the continent and Ebi-kun and I slammed the cards - it was great fun and a good review. I used to play this game A LOT when I was teaching.
The final thing he did was sticking pins in a board. I have seen this on a number of blogs, I'm not sure whose idea it was first. Anyway I used the metal insets and traced a couple of shapes onto construction paper then taped them to pieces of thick foam. He then used a push pin to make pin pricks all along the lines. It took a lot of concentration but he loved doing it. He did managed to stick the pin in his leg twice, I think I should use thicker foam next time :o). When he had finished we got the torch out and climbed under the blanket to look at the shapes, all good fun.


  1. If you put the holes close enough together you can punch out the shape! He could make a continent book by punching out the continents. I use a very thick felt pad for my punching work, but I forget where I got it. I've also used the thick foam floor pieces from the dollar store (they are like big puzzle pieces for people to make a play area on the floor), I just cut them smaller.

  2. looks like hes really enjoying himself!

  3. You could try putting the foam or thermocol piece - even the thin one,on a little cushion for his knee.

    And ah, the 100yen stores! Wish I could get at them - the things they have are amazing! Pity there is no such store online with reasonable shipping!

  4. We use a small piece of carpet in my classroom.


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