Thursday 18 September 2008

Post 300!

Wow, that has gone quick!

And to celebrate I have put LOTS of new goodies in the shop, there is sponge cake (for cleaning), notebooks, bibs, softies, felt and aliens!

Another thing to celebrate is the arrival of my parents, if they make it through the typhoon that is, they should make it here about lunch time, what a welcome - home from home I suppose, friends have been telling me that they weather isn't up to much back in the UK at the mo.

So, the first three people to put in an order at the shop (not including PDF's) will get a special present in the package from me but you need to write a message in the buyer to sellers box so that I know you are a blog reader and not just some lucky bugger who wandered in off the street as it were!
PLUS I have reduced the price of the Mermaid pattern for this week only!
So quick....get shopping !!!

A quick thank you to all those people who have already made a purchase, I am still experimenting with what sells and what doesn't, if you see something you wanted but it has sold out, let me know!

Finally, Serenity The mermaid is now up for auction, all the profits go towards the Mirabel Foundation, I know she would LOVE to come and live with you!

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  1. Happy 300th post! Well done!

    Lots of cute things in your shop now- I plan on purchasing some stuff when I have kids and am back in Japan- easy for delivery then!!!

    I especially love the bibs- I was wondering if it is your own pattern or could you direct me to one. I am beggining sewing and bibs seem like fun!


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