Wednesday 17 September 2008

button math

A couple of days ago we were sat having dinner and Ebi-kun suddenly said two and two together makes four?
He then started counting his fingers, two on the left hand and two on the right to check if he was right, cool. After dinner I had the button tin out (I just bought some super cute buttons from Paper and String) so we ended up doing some inpromptu math. We started off just using the buttons but Ebi-kun really needs reinforcement with his actual numerals so I added the number cards into the mix. He did really well and even made some sums up by himself.

I love buttons, even as a kid I would spend hours with my moms button tin which was actually an old battered sweet or biscuit tin, there was a great mix of buttons, new and old, I would try to imagine what the buttons used to belong to. There was one imparticular which was a lovely forest green with lace detail on it, I always imagined that it came from a Victorian ladies coat and had various stories on how it arrived to be in our button tin, my mom told me recently that it actually came off one of my Nana's 50's coats, of course I don't believe this hogwash!
I managed to whip up a little brooch for myself using a new button and the button off the thank you card Sarah sent with the button packages, she wraps everything up so lovely, all in tissue paper, it feels like your birthday when you get a package from her :o)
Tuesday I usually have my Japanese lesson but I really wasn't feeling up to it, instead I tackled the pantry, moved my stash draws into the pantry from the cupboard upstairs which freed up enough space for me to be able to fit the winter bedding in the cupboard - hurrah!
I also found the bag of goodies I made for Kym's shop, the ones she returned once she had the baby, she will be moving back to Malaysia sometime in the near future so she won't be needing anything else for her shop. I sorted the things out and decided to put some of the goodies in my Etsy shop, I plan to take all the photos today...

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  1. That's awesome that he just spontaneously started adding. We like to use the button box for learning activities and just sifting through too.


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