Friday 24 October 2008

The little chef...

Ebi-kun is turning out to be quite the little helper in the kitchen. We made apple crumble (lazy woman's apple pie) So Ebi-kun helped chop the apples, he really enjoyed doing this but it took a lot of concentration, the apples were soft so it wasn't as scary as it sounds! 
And we made the crumble mix, (I think we actually made the crumble mix first), he didn't like doing this so we ended up sticking it in the food processor and whizzing it up in there. Ebi-kun was in charge of adding cinnamon, which meant there was about half a  jar full added - good job I like cinnamon!
I haven't got a finished picture, just forgot to take one, but the finished result was good, apples are cheap (ish) at the moment so I am sure we will be having more.

Yesterday was a rainy day so we didn't go out. We did some Montessori work, he got out the magnetic/non magnetic tray and after sorting them he went around the whole house looking for magnetic things, kept him busy for quite some time. I also made some black and orange playdoh and he sat making scary dinner and monsters for almost 2 hours (I had to drag him away for lunch). It also gave me chance to get some jobs done and paint the stars on his wizard cape.
It looks like we are in for another rainy day today, I really have to add housework to the 'to do' list. I have almost finished the first lot of brooches, I just have to print the patterns out. The flowers I am still working on though. Maybe if I make up some more playdoh I will get two hours of peace again :o)

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