Thursday 23 October 2008

A run of the mill day.

I decided a while ago that we would do Montessori work 3 times a week but not to set the days in stone because the weather plays a big part in my week. I do my chores and shopping by bicycle and if I can get out of going out in the rain I will. Anyway, with all the comings and goings during the summer we were lucky to get one session a week in. These last two weeks we have been getting back into the groove and Ebi-kuns level of concentration are getting back to normal.
So, this is what we did yesterday. Times are approximate....
  • 6.30 -7.00 breakfast
  • 7.00 - 8.30 I did my emails, sorted out a couple of orders from my shop, drew up the pattern for one of the brooches etc. Ebi-kun played with daddy until he had to leave for work then watched some NHK TV.
  • 8.30 - got washed, teeth brushed, dressed, made the beds etc.
  • 9.00 - 10.00 together we cleaned up the kitchen, hung out the laundry, watered the plants, planted some new seeds. Then Ebi-kun painted some paper plates orange and i finished the parcels to post.
  • 10.00 snack time......
I have been trying to work numbers into more daily activities to help him remember the ones he struggles with, so we had a toys tea party with Miffy and Space Cadet. Ebi-kun set the table for three, each with their own plate, cup and napkin. He poured milk for everyone and then I placed number cards by each cup, he then counted out the right amount of milk ball biscuits for everyone.
As you can see Space Cadet is loving it! As each person 'ate' their biscuits I would give them a new card and Ebi-kun would dish out more biscuits - it was the longest snack time ever!
After we cleared up from snack it was about 10.30am so we went to work upstairs until 12.
I re-presented the number rods, he has done this work before but hasn't touched it in such a long time, I thought a review might be needed. He did quite well until it came to putting them back in the box, he appeared to have put his stupid hat on when it came to tidying up. Eventually he did it and the he worked with the balance game, smelling bottles and transferring cubes.
  • 12.00 -1.00 we had lunch, Ebi-kun is an incredibly slow eater!
  • 1.00-1.45 we went down to the train station on his bicycle, I have discovered the train station sells stamps and the nearest post box is there too so as long as my packages are not too big I can post them there, saves a trip to the post office. Ebi-kun insisted the parcels went in his bike basket because he was the postman :o).
  • ~ 3.00 Ebi-kun has decided he doesn't want naps anymore - except he only lasts a couple of days before he crashes. So I have decided that if he doesn't want a nap he has to go to his room and have 'quiet time' instead. I got to read my book and he played/read, bliss.
  • 3.00- 5.00 we finished making the pumpkin plates then did some leave printing painting. After the painting he asked to get his marble run out so we played with that until dinner time.
  • 5.15 - 6.00 dinner (I checked email, printed out the instructions for the brooch packs)
  • 6.00 - 7.00 bought in the laundry, had a tidy up, played, read books.
  • 7.00 - 7. 30 bath and bed routine
  • 7.30 I got to have a nice long soak in the bath, sometimes I go in with Ebi-kun but I decided I wanted my own bath for once. Hubby got home earlier than usual so we had dinner together, I made up some thank you cards for the shop customers, did a bit more on the brooches, watched a bit of TV, then crashed!
That is about it, it never feels like I get much done during the day but when I see it written down I wonder how I get it all done! I have also strained my wrist so I am trying to do everything with my left hand. I am quite ambidextrous, my life drawing teacher at art college told me I should use my left hand all the time! I have discovered over the last two days that although I can do most things with my left hand I can't use scissors or chopsticks with my left hand... more practice me thinks!


  1. What a day!! I'm tired just reading about it. :)

    We have quiet time here, too. I think I do it more for me than A, but it's a really nice part of our day and if she sees me yawning after lunch she will come over and say 'mummy, quiet time?' :)

    What do you do with all Ebi-kun's artwork? I am running out of storage space but hate to throw anything away.

  2. WHAT? you missed THIS post.....

    answers all your questions!!


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