Wednesday 8 October 2008

Nippori Fabric Town

It is a very rare occasion that I have chance to go shopping by myself, so to spend a whole day was like being in heaven! It didn't start too well though, we live just over an hour by train from Nippori, it was the first time I had been there so I printed out a map, I won't give you the link because it turned out to be a useless map!
After spending the first half hour wandering up and down in the rain I eventually found the fabric street and there are plently of fabric shops to go at. I decided to head to Tomato first which was probably a good choice.
Tomato is split into 3 stores, the first sells notions and felt, so I picked up a big pile of felt, some buttons and fabric glue. The 2nd store is 2 floors and had lots of bargain rolls, ¥100 a metre, great for basics, also for vinyl and cords so I treated myself! I have a couple of projects that I wanted to try that uses vinyl but the stuff from the local craft store is too expensive.
Then, the third store is massive, 6? floors of goodness. I was in there for ages, I decided before getting there that I would spend no more than ¥30,000 and that most of what I bought would go into my Etsy shop, I will probably keep a bit of each one for my own stash and the rest will go in  the shop - hopefully next week. With that in mind I went for cute Japanese prints and just ones I love, sorry about the pictures, the weather isn't co-operating so the lighting is awful.
I also got these super cute Christmas fabrics, I couldn't decide if I liked the red or green better so I bought both!
Then the dinosaurs are for Ebi-kun, I think I will use it to back onto a blanket, his other little blanket is disgusting, he had a nose bleed on it but I didn't realise so it wasn't washed straight away and well ...not nice! The kimono fabric is for my stash.
Then to top all this fabric goodness off, my husbands aunt sent me a little package with this little lot in it and instructions on how to make these little owls - whoo-hoo.

Hopefully all the fabric will sell in the shop and I will have a good excuse to go down to Nippori again ;o) Next time I will take a rucksack, it was a killer carrying this lot back this time. 
To finish off a lovely day I had a dinner date with my hubby, can't remember the last time we did that.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your creations!


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