Thursday 9 October 2008

What would you do?

A few months back Ebi-kun had some poo problems, he was holding it in and ended up constipated - badly. Anyway, to try and solve the problem I explained to him how the body processes food and I found a little animation somewhere on the web that showed the food going through the body. Since then he has become REALLY interested in the human body, he spends hours looking over human body pictures and when we go to Tokyo Hands store they have a human anatomy model that he is fascinated with. He wants to know what all the bits are and what they do. 
To this point I have neither encouraged nor discouraged his interest, I think it is great that he is interested. My mom has given me some money to get him a Christmas present with but I can't decide whether 3 is too young for a human anatomy model, what do you think?

My mom and step-dad leave today and I have got several things to sort out so I will keep it short and sweet today.


  1. I say go with it if he's interested! Have you seen this puzzle ? I'm putting the girl version on O's Christmas wish list, and I think she's going to love learning about her body. She's already very interested in her veins and bones :)

  2. I think it is never too soon if he is interested. My three years son is asking questions about the same thing all the time. We try to explain to him the best we can.

  3. Our son has been fascinated by that since he was 2! Whenever he goes to a doctor's office with us, he literally begs to play with the anatomy models. :)
    For Christmas, we've bought him a large, sturdy lift-the-flap, pull-the-tab book for kids about the human body. It's the next best thing, we think!

  4. That depends on the model I guess. I'd also think that you'd end up buying several - at least for each of the major systems, and a model skeleton, if you are really into getting him to see the 3-dimensional picture. A book will be better I think. Or try the Visible Body project, a great modeling project by Argosy publishers. I have written about it here if you are interested:
    (If link doesn't show up, its posted on 1st September)

  5. I definitely do not think it's too early. My son became interested in anatomy at 3 as well. We've gotten him several books on the subject and he just soaks it all in. I've been wanting the puzzle that melissa mentions as well. I haven't seen a good model that I like but I haven't looked too hard either.

    Think of it this way - the more he knows about the body the better he'll understand his own body and feel comfortable with it. Not to mention it'll make it easier on you to answer the crazy questions he'll come up with and then maybe someday he'll become a doctor. You never know.

  6. Go for it, it's never too early if the child is interested. Everything that he learns will benefit him forever and I, for one, take every chance I have with my son. He is now 4yrs and I love that he knows so much and even pursues his own interests

  7. I think that's cool that he's interested in the human body. We have a really great book called See Inside Your Body, there are lots of flaps to lift which makes it fun for little ones, as well as a lot of interesting facts. You might want to check it out, here's a link:


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