Monday 27 October 2008

The Robot stencil

First, I would like to thank everyone who posted a comment or emailed regarding the last post, when I wrote it I was having one of 'those' days and although I am an avid list maker, my 'to do' list was actually longer at the end of the day than at the start! How does that happen?
A couple of people have mentioned Fly-lady, I have looked at it before, it's not for me, although I have friends who swear by it. I like the idea of a personalised/modified dairy so I am going to make some sheets when I have finished this. I am really limited in the job situation and the easy option would be to go back to teaching English but I really don't want to. For me, I always saw teaching ESL as a way to travel, not as a career, hence the whole Etsy shop thing. I like the idea of being able to be creative and work at my own pace, I just need to figure out how to fit everything in!

Anyway, this post should have been written ages ago but I kept forgetting to take a photo.
Eventually I found some freezer paper, I had been looking for a roll but all I got was a couple of sheets. So, as soon as I got my hands on it I HAD to try the freezer stencilling that as been taking over the blogasphere. I drew a robot (we are into robots at the moment), cutting it out was difficult, I used a knife but it was a cheapo one and really hard work, I think small scissors might have been easier. I didn't quite get an even colour so it is a bit patchy in places

But a certain little boy loves it anyway :o)

Posts might be short and sweet this week since we have got a lot on. My Japanese lesson was cancelled so I have offered to help Kym in her shop instead, I need to prepare a bag with goodies in to keep Ebi-kun busy.


  1. Love the T-shirt! it`s fab!
    Would love to make one myself! DO you have a link that shows how to?

  2. Laura did one here

    lots of fun, easy to get addicted....

    you have been warned :o)


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