Tuesday 28 October 2008

Real life practical life

For those who have been reading my rambles for a while will know that I got rid of the Practical Life shelf a while back and changed it into an art shelf.  I still but have a PL activity or two on the shelf upstairs. The other day though I had him doing some real work, I dropped my black pepper grinder into my carbonara mix the other day so I had to wash it all out and leave it to dry completely before refilling it. Enter Ebi-kun, he really enjoyed doing it, so much that he wanted me to empty the grinder so he could do it again!
I'm not sure if this really comes under PL but we tried this activity that I saw on The Moveable Alphabet (bottom of the post). We used washable markers to draw on the pumpkin and then washed the design off to do it again. The only problem was making sure that the pumpkin was REALLY dry before starting again. He also tried it with a couple of acorns we had knocking around.

Well, I am off to make a bento because we are off to help Kym today....

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