Tuesday 4 November 2008

Birthday Football

Firstly, thank you for all the comments on the gory food! I must say the 'fingers' went first and all that was left was a bit of pumpkin, a bit of eyeball and about half of the snot, he liked it on the sticks but not whole spoonfuls at a time - must remember that for next time LOL.

Sunday was Daddy-Ebi's birthday and this weekend was a three day holiday, of course he couldn't decide what he wanted to do so we ended up staying home, I would have liked to go somewhere for a couple of nights.

Ebi-kuns card :o)

Anyway, at the last minute he decided he would like to go to a football match, so we checked the schedule and found that our local team were playing at home, so off we went....
and how I laughed when we got in the stadium to find our local team plays in orange - well I already knew that and orange is my favourite colour!

But the oppositions colours are PINK! Now, most people reading this will be think, eh, so what! But when my best mate Di reads it, I KNOW she will be laughing as hard as I was, Di, I hope you are impressed that Ebi-kuns first match was a pink and orange one!

It was a good game, we won 1-0 and Ebi-kun learnt some new songs - luckily none of them were quite like the football chants I seem to know!
That Sunday was also the Shichi-Go-San festival and the stadium is near the big shrine so we saw LOTS of cute kids dressed up, we even bumped into some we know.... (the little one has red toffee apple ALL over her face, matches her outfit I suppose). We will do this with Ebi-kun when he is five, the festival that is, not necessarily the toffee apple face.
After the match we did a bit of shopping then headed to the pub for dinner, a good day was had by all.

Now, I need a bit of help...I have this little decoration made up, the pattern and instructions are ready to print but I am stuck with the name, I want to call her (there is a him too) 'Little Eskimo' but I am not sure if this is politically correct these days, what do you think? Is 'Little Eskimo' considered offensive?


  1. i have to admit, she doesn't look very eskimo to me. maybe it's the pink? she almost looks like a winter-time babushka! lol

  2. Hi Jojoebi...1st off I'd like to say I love reading your wonderful blog. I think I came across it through the Crafty Crow one day and have been glued to it ever since. My 3-year-old daughter just started Montessori preschool this year and absolutely loves it so I often look to your blog for inspiration. Thank you! As for the Eskimo thing...yes, the term is considered somewhat pejorative these days but in Canada it has been replaced by Inuit. Hope that helps!!

  3. Maybe you could bypass the whole 'Eskimo' issue by calling her 'Snow Girl' or something similar? She's very sweet!


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