Saturday 1 November 2008

Halloween Muffin Tin Dinner

Although the MTD challenge for Halloween was a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't break the ghoulish etiquette of serving such delicacies on any day but the 31st of October. So here were are, a delightful menu of....

witches intestines

flaked skin and pus filed spots

bogeys on a stick

ghostly milk

fresh severed fingers

and of course eyeballs

beautifully presented by

the evil wizard himself!
I have put together my favourite Fun & Fast Ghoulish Halloween Treats into an ebook so you can whip them up at anytime (why just serve ghoulish food at Halloween?)
17 absolutely disgustingly delicious treat ideas... 

All fast and fun to make
All pretty healthy, made from kitchen basics
Most of them suitable to make with the kids too

PLUS a bonus labels pack too!


  1. Wow, I can't believe Ebi-kun ate that!

    In the nicest possible way I have to say- that is one revolting dinner! I don't think I'll ever look at a wiener the same way again, :S

  2. Disgustingly delicious!

    I made a muffin tin dinner last night to get some nutrients into my crew before they went out trick-or-treating. No severed fingers in ours....just mashed acorn squash and tuna salad!

  3. Deliciously Disgusting was what I was going to say but I see I have been beaten to it. But, Yuck!
    (An entirely complimentary yuck, you understand...)

  4. That's one scary/crazy dinner!
    I wish I could do what you do in the kitchen!!!! I'm going to try making a muffin tin dinner for adults tomorrow...

  5. EEEEwwww :)

    but I wish I saw your post earlier.

    Those snacks are perfect for a halloween party. I could have used your ideas :) I ended up taking a big old fruit salad to the party.

  6. gosh, just got over my food craving!
    that's some super terrific creative effort - the severed fingers, bit tho, that should have had a spoiler warning ;)

  7. Love the brilliant idea for halloween. Thanks for sharing!

  8. That is so great I now have a bunch of ideas for my classroom haunted house dinner next year


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