Tuesday 25 November 2008

Where did Monday go?

This last weekend was a three day holiday, so me and some of the play group moms went out Sunday night, to let our hair down as it were. Needless to say, Monday was a bit of a right-off, my stomach is just about accepting food again!
We don't get to go out very often, baby-sitting is not really 'done' in Japan, teenage kids, who back home would be making money from baby-sitting are usually too busy with club activities and cram school to be able to fit in some money-making. Also, for many of us, our husbands don't get in until late, by the time my hubby gets in, it's not really worth going out, so that leaves coffee mornings and the very occasional night out to go out without the kids in tow!

Saturday we went round the the kindy that we have been looking at for Ebi-kun. It is the first time my husband has been, it was open house for their art show, so it was a good excuse to have a good look round :o). Some of the art work was great, done on BIG pieces of paper, some was painted on glass and they had big clay sculptures in the art room. It is obvious from the displayed work, that the children are directed to a certain point, there were sunflower and cow study pictures (some seriously cute cows!) but they are also given a free rein, there were some fantastic recycled rubbish sculptures. We didn't see any cookie craft activities which pleased me. Hubby was happy with the place, we didn't get to chat to the priest who runs the kindy, maybe next time!
I am still leaning on keeping him home another year as long as we can find a class or group, lessons or something for him to do once or twice a week.

How are your pledges coming along? I have left comments on all the new blogs I have come across and liked and left comments on about half of my regular blog reads, I am aiming for a few a day. Once my two weeks are up I will aim to leave two comments a day. I do read a lot of blogs so I think a couple of comments is reasonable!

Well, I have to catch up on all those things I didn't do yesterday....


  1. oh ebi-kun is going to a kindy next year...kindy in Japan costs a fortune!!i'm going to keep hafiy home for at least another year...to save enough money to buy his seifuku!

  2. I've been posting comments like crazy today - almost every blog I've visited. Normally, I'd be lucky to leave one. I still haven't posted about the pledge on my blog yet though. Procrastination, I guess.

  3. I've been posting comments as much as I can!! :o)

  4. I give myself 30 minutes to an hour a day to read my blogs and respond... a time limit is good for me...

  5. a time limit is a good idea, I find that if there only a few new post in my reader that I end up surfing for new blogs to read!

  6. Been under the weather so have not been visiting blogs as much but have something to announce - a blog giveaway! You can read all the details at my blog.

  7. Nothing like a good night out with the gals, but unfortunately there is also nothing like the side effects - blah! Kinder is such an exciting time! We are now doing the get ready for school time which is oh so scary!! =]


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