Monday 22 December 2008

Holiday traditional exchange

I signed up for Meg's swap again this year and landed myself a great partner, Christina. She sent me this cute garland of felt mittens that spells out happy Christmas, the photo is a bit rubbish, I couldn't find a good spot to I could get it all in!

Also, a coupld of recipes, a hand made dish, chocolates (always a winner), cute pen that lights up when you write, a Pez that Ebi-kun got his hands on and I haven't seen it since and a CD of Elvis Christmas songs. Fab! Of course, I completely forgot to take photo's of what I send duh!
Although, i did take a photo of this the other day, can you see what s odd about this building?
and if anyone knows why, I would LOVE to know.

Of course, the stockings are still a paper draft, I have Ebi-kuns Doctors scrubs to sew, wrap my cousins presents before she gets here, finish of a couple of other sewing projects and clean the whole house, so  I really should turn off the computer now...


  1. the door with no stairs leading to it...
    Jo- would love to know where you get info about the swaps, I would love to take part in some more after the cultural swaps but never know how to know about ones going on...

  2. I have Meg's blog on my reader, in fact I started reading her blog a few posts after she started it. I will be doing another Montessori based swap in the new year, you will have to keep popping back :o)

  3. Could the door be for hoisting furniture up for the second floor rather than try and get it up windey stairs? Or maybe a quick way to remove guests who've outstayed their welcome? :P

  4. that's hilarious!!

    since there's no light there, i'll guess that they haven't gotten around to finishing the second entrance to the house. they probably have one inside the shop, so don't need the second one (yet). hope they get to it someday!

  5. and how does one get up to the door on the side of the building? ;) maybe that's why there's a ladder below it. *light bulb moment*


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