Tuesday 10 February 2009

Let's go fly a kite...

Yes, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. When we got married, over 5 years ago we were given a stunt kite as a present from my slightly insane uncle. So, we eventually decided to get it out of the box, we went over to Enomoto farm because they have some wide space near the river with no overhead cables and trees to worry about. They also sell the best Italian ice-cream around, which of course we needed to get us going :o) It was quite windy, maybe too much so and we managed to get the kite into the air for maybe 10 seconds at the most, we spent more time untangling it than flying it. After half an hour we gave up and went shopping instead :o)
The only photo I managed to take! The kite is just in front of Ebi-kun!

When we got home I decided to sort out the spare room cupboard having my stash in draws just isn't working and not having shelves in the cupboards makes for many an avalanche disaster, as you can see AND I had actually taken a couple of bags of stuff out before I took the photo!
I have got the shelves in and my stash nicely folded and put away, just got to figure out how to get everything else back in the cupboard. The top of the two draws is filled with clothes that I just can't part with - I think this exercise might just make me do it though, the bottom draw is general crafty 'stuff' and all the gubbins in the bottom of the cupboard is Montessori/teacher related and is going to need some major sorting out. I will post pics when I manage to get it all sorted. This is an in-progress shot, how am I going to get that lot back in the cupboard?


  1. What a carefree day! Kite flying really sets your soul free!

  2. The kite flying looks like more fun than the cupboard, even if the kite never really got airborne!

  3. LOL. I am sure it would have been more carefree if we had got the thing in the air - maybe we should read the manual!

  4. You should see my craft rooms!

    Great Blog!


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