Wednesday 11 February 2009

spreading the love

I'm not big on Valentines and we will probably do some kind of hearty craft this week but nothing over the top so instead of posting about hearty crafts I though a post about spreading the love would be more suited....
Over on Mozi Esme's blog they are doing a run of posts about the terrible situation that Zimbabwe is in basically bringing awareness of all the tragic things that are going on there at the moment.  Pop over and have a read, see if there is a way you can help.

In another part of the world there are many families now without homes due to the awful bush fires over in Oz.
There are various crafty efforts going on, one is too make comfort packs, all the info is here or you can make softies or handmade toys if that is more your thing via the the Toy Society. Also Meet Me At Mikes has got a load of great ways for you to help, have a look through the list, I am sure there is something for everyone.
I am sure there is a softie or two just waiting to come to life out of that big bag of scraps sat under the desk...

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  1. thank you for the links!i'll be whipping up a softie soonest!


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