Saturday 14 March 2009

A busy day

Yesterday, we met up with friends for a play date, one was a bloggy friend, Nor and her two boys and another boy around the same age from playgroup. Nor kindly met me at the bus station to show me which bus to use to get to the play centre. We used to go to this particular play centre quite often, back in the day when I carried Ebi-kun, but he is too heavy to carry now and it is too far for him to walk. 
Anyway, the play centre was virtually empty so we had the run of the place, the boys tired themselves out riding the little cards round and round and round...
I miss the play group days out, but they are full days for us, it took two trains and a bus to get to the play centre, over an hour door to door, so I can basically write off doing anything else that day, that said, it is good to get out! 
They had changed the rules at the play centre and we weren't allowed to eat lunch there, so we went to the mall just up the road, I made Ebi-kun a bento. The cute giraffe thing has kiwi in it, I am glad it is getting warm again, that means more bentos :o)

We did a spot of shopping in the mall, I managed to get some pickled beetroot, oh you may snigger, but I have to take 2 trains to get close to a store that sells beetroot! 

When we got home Ebi-kun was shattered and requested some quiet time, so he sat and watched Totoro and I got on with some sewing. This cape is a request from a friend, for her daughters birthday, she loves the character with the white mask and R on it's head. She has the jumpsuit so this is to go with it.

modelled by Ebi-kun

I like capes, they are great for kids to role play in BUT I always worry about the choking factor if it gets caught on something, so I gathered the neck using elastic and made the fastening strap with elastic too and the whole thing fastens with velcro, so if it did get caught on something, there would be plenty of give and velcro makes it easy to remove unlike a ribbon, cord or button.

Once Ebi-kun was in bed I whipped up this little bag, when we went shopping Nippori a while ago, I promised Ebi-kun he could pick out some fabric, this is what he chose, it is quite heavy weight canvas so a bit tough to sew with. He wanted a bag like my horse bag but without the flap - very specific in his details, it is just right and he is a happy bunny.


  1. I hear you on the beetroot- I grew and pickled my own last year I was so keen to eat them! In Australia we eat them on hamburgers. How do you eat them?

    Love the cape. I made them for the girls but used buttons. Think I'll change over tonight!

    What did you decide to do about Ebi-kun going to kinder?

  2. beetroot and mature cheddar butties (sandwiches) ohhhh so good!

    I have got some beets in the garden but I can't wait...

    he isn't going this year, I'd like to get him in ichi-ji hoik (sp?) once a week if possible, there is a new place opened not far away.

  3. That was a lot of work done in a day :)

    How did you make the faces on those weiners? Was it the edible marker pens?

  4. It was funny to see that one sad looking frankfurt virtually got squashed by the onigiri. LOL. Did Ebikun even notice it before tucking in? LOL

  5. the faces are made of nori, I will try and do a 'tutorial' on how to make them this week...


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