Sunday 15 March 2009

Thank You!

To Christie at Sweet Tidings and Sarah In The Woods for giving me these awards, it is always great to know that people enjoy your blog.

Now, I am supposed to nominate some more blogs for the award but I am a bit pushed for time and when I have done this before it always takes me forever to pick which ones to nominate and so....
If you have me in your blog reader consider yourself nominated for the Lemonade Stand award and if you follow me either with blogger or twitter, you are awarded the Kreativ Blogger award.


I have just got back from Ikea and I am shattered, will be back after some sleep....


  1. We IKEA'd this weekend too. We actually had a sitter, it has been AWHILE! We had an entire evening and spendt the whole thing shopping for stuff for Josh! UGH

    Love the store but sheesh am I exhausted after!

  2. I know what you mean! we actually dumped the kids (me and a friend) on the days and went off without them - it was great to be kid free, would have been even more lovely if everyone else in the store had done the same :o)


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