Monday 30 March 2009

I found tissue paper!

OK, I imagine that many people would not be excited about tissue paper - (the crafty type of tissue paper). I have seen loads of cute projects to try but haven't been able to lay my hands on any. Tokyu Hands has it, for those in Japan, it's with the origami paper.

So, yesterday we made a storm light, covering a jar with the paper.
Then we made a sun catcher using sticky backed plastic, we sat together and did this, it was quite relaxing, just tearing up bits of paper and sticking them on, we covered the whole piece.

We mailed the postcards for the postcard swap on Saturday, I hope everyone who has joined has got theirs out too, I can't wait to try the new recipes. I ended up sending 4 different recipes out, we have been testing them over the last couple of weeks. I will share them with you when they have arrived, I don't want to spoil the surprise:o)

I have been doing quite a bit of sewing but nothing is finished yet, not even blog finished! We have also been decorating eggs but that is a whole different post, as I the visit to the zoo on Saturday, I will write more about that when I have a bit more time. I have friend that I haven't seen for about 3 years coming today, I am so excited, so I will have to love and leave you and get tidying, soup to make, bread to bake, rooms to dust....

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  1. Nice collage! We've started doing contact paper collages again recently, and we'll have to try tissue paper next time. We tried it about a year ago, but it didn't look nearly as nice as yours :)


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