Tuesday 31 March 2009

NEW - cheap shipping option

I have added a new shipping option to make the shipping cheaper - I just hate it when I ordered something online and the shipping is as much as the item I want to buy!

All the info is on the front page and the list of countries that it is available for is listed in the shop policies section.

I am adding the new fabrics slowly but surely, I actually had time to do it yesterday but Etsy was down for maintenance - aghh.

What you waiting for? go shopping.... :o)


  1. This is great! can I nick this idea for my shop?

    I'm popping in to ask you if you have the Nicole Mallalieu laptop bag pattern? I saw you had commented on her Sew Girl blog.

    My auntie and another friend have both asked me to make this type of bag for them but it's not really my thing so I thought a good pattern might help.

  2. no, I don't have the pattern, I am useless at following patterns so I rarely buy them!

    I wish Etsy would have the option to put up 2 kinds of shipping, it would be so much easier than having to refund the difference!


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