Monday 20 April 2009

Fun Food and Fabric

Saturday we went to a new (to us) park, it wasn't very big but had some great equipment, including a zip-line which he loved. When we got home it was still very warm so I made Ebi-kun a MTD and he ate it outside in his new chair (the beer is NOT his!) 
You can just about see the SFG in the background, the broccoli is all finished now but the beets are looking promising and the peas we planted a couple of weeks ago are going great guns, I have started some flowers off in small pots too, once they get going we will get some bigger pots and baskets to put them in. I will have to do a proper garden post...
Here is his dinner, starting with the blue fork and going clockwise, we have pasta, Japanese omlette, carrot sticks, strawberries, cucumber, omlette, cucumber and more pasta in the middle, he polished it all off with a yoghurt.
A while ago Kristel contacted me asking if I was interested in doing a regular swap with her. This is what I received this time, cute, cute, cute Dutch fabric. I already have a project planned for some of this space :o)
As kids, we were told you should play with your food, well I poo-poo that, how boring would this crab croquet and veg be otherwise? Hurrah for playing with your food!
Did I tell you were are going to England in June, yes, the whole of June! Sadly Daddy-ebi will be home-alone, you don't want to get me started on the ridiculous lack of holidays in Japan - oh you do get the but you HAVE to take them when everyone else in Japan takes them, right I will stop there or this will turn into an angry rant post! So it will be just me and Ebi-kun, I have started to put things together for his travel bag, I want to make a new bag for him too, I have an idea bouncing around in my head, I need to get it down on paper to see if it will work. I cut out the pieces for my new bag and they are waiting to be sewn, talking of sewing, I have 24 circles left to quilt, getting there...
I am hoping when we go to the UK we can pick up some cheap flights to Barcelona, my brother lives there and I have never been, it would be good to go for a few days, it will feel like I am on holiday then rather than feeling like we are just going home.
Thank you for all the lovely comments, I hope you can all leave comments now :o)


  1. because you live in a different time zone, i'll go ahead and post it for you! Your son is so adorable!

  2. We went back to New Zealand for 3 months last year and it was a great experience. My husband and his parents managed to come for 10 days in the middle.... a miracle for Japanese workers! Like you I am always amazed at the lack of holidays that Japanese people take. It is definately not worth starting that conversation though.... tempers always flare at the end of it!

  3. Hi Jo, thanks for the great tips you left me on my blog. I'll be trying some out to see what works with us. I'm soo eager to sort out this mountain I've made and get back in control. I can't wait to see the bags you make! I really want to make Little-N a Bumbag but I have no idea how to, any ideas? Thanks again.

  4. Hi, Let me know when you'll be over and we'll arrange to meet for a coffee it'd be lovely to put a face to the blog :)
    Emma xx

  5. Hi Jo,
    glad you have removed the block, I have tried to post before without luck, so here are my questions... can you recommend a bento book and other sources of inspiration for bento and muffin tin dinner style meals for children?? I want to give them a go... wher can i get some of the fork thingies and moulds??

    Next, could you do a tutorial on how to make the ends of the flet sausage and the strawberry tops, I just can't do it!!!

    Thanks,with love, Jenni

  6. Such a colorful muffin tin - love your planter boxes too!

  7. I colorful! Looks so healthy!

  8. TOTALLY jealous of the Dutch fabric. Wow.


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