Wednesday 22 April 2009

A new activity and new passport case

A couple of weeks ago we went to a home centre called Joyful Honda which also has a great crafts section. They have bins of wooden bits, one was cut out shapes another was filled with wood beads and the third were off cuts. You get to fill a bag with one type for ¥300. I hadn't decided what I would be doing with this bits but I was sure they would come in useful! I am sure I am not the only person in the world who does this :o). Anyway, a few days ago I got the bag of shapes out and paired up about 16 sets of shapes and put the in a basket. Ebi-kun sorted the shapes into pairs then I asked him to put one of each pair into the mystery bag. 
He then had to choose on of the shapes off the mat and use his hand to find the matching shape, not as easy as it sounds!
When he had finished with the activity he asked to use the left of pieces, he got out his felt board and use the wooden pieces to make a picture....
I also managed to get a bit of sewing in, as soon as I saw this fabric I knew some of it was destined to become my passport case. When we travel Ebi-kun has to take both his passports and I have mine plus my alien card, I like to be super organised when I am travelling, no scrabbling around the bottom of my bag looking for stuff, so this time I decided to make a case to hold all of them.
I love these kids on the front, size wise it didn't work to use the Dutch kids fabric as the main pieces so I made them into appliques instead.
The inside is big enough to hold 4 passports (in case hubby ever gets the chance to travel with us! and a snug pocket for my alien card. Can't wait to go on my hols now...
Now - to answer some questions....

I really want to make Little-N a Bumbag but I have no idea how to, any ideas?
I have never tried to make one but there is a tutorial here which looks quite easy.
Can you recommend a bento book and other sources of inspiration for bento and muffin tin dinner style meals for children?
I have a book which I love by the people from this site - there are loads of cute bento's be warned... e-obento. The muffin tin dinners have a Flickr group, find it here and the MTD hostess can be found here. If you put a search for bento in flickr you get loads of cute groups, no end of inspiration. 
where can i get some of the fork thingies and moulds?
From me! Read this post for more info. If you just want picks or want more egg mould etc. let me know, I can make up a custom order for you.
Could you do a tutorial on how to make the ends of the flet sausage and the strawberry tops, I just can't do it! 

The food is so cute. Is it easy to make?
Yes, it is simple, I will try and do one in the next week or so.

You should do a tutorial on stamp carving
I did, you must have missed it! Find it here :o)

Right, I think that is it, if I have missed your question, let me know!

I will close the giveaway at 5pm today (Japan time) so if you haven't entered you had better hurry up!
We have a busy week this week so I am spreading our theme over two weeks - we are studying Brazil this time, if anyone has any good Brazil links to share, that would be lovely xxx


  1. looks like a fun game, and that passport case is the cutest!

  2. one amazing passport cover - love it!

    I'm *always* buying unusual bits & pieces that I imagine MUST be able to be used in some interesting way... but often can't work out quite how!?

    I had been thinking of starting a collective for "What-Can-I-Do-With-This-Wednesday" as I'm sure lots of us do it, esp. Montessori mama's!

  3. That passport case looks wonderful! The fabrics are well-used. I think I might need a passport-case too. Maybe next week I'm going to make one. You magazine arrived also. Thanks again. It is a pity the extras were not allowed :-D

  4. I'm glad your giveaway goodies arrived safe and sound. Have fun with them!

    I love your passport case. The dutch kids fabrics is just amazing!

  5. I love the passport cover! Holy cow! And that fabric is so CUTE!!! AH! Thanks for the link! I feel like I saw that post, and somehow missed it! haha. Well, Thanks!

  6. We have a Brazil theme day coming up next week, and I'm still trying to figure out what to do. How's it going for you?

  7. Re: Brazil, we have some bits and bobs that we got in a culture swap, so we are using those, I am still waiting for 2 books to arrive that I ordered online so we haven't actually done much yet this week plus we have had a really busy week, hopefully we can get more done next week.!


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