Thursday 23 April 2009

Healthy Sorbet - recipe #2

This postcard snack recipe came from the Great Smoky Mountains in the USA, sent by the clan from The Forest Room, thank you!
Healthy Sorbet
You will need:
1 cup of fresh fruit (we used kiwi and banana)
1/4 cup juice (we used cashew juice - goes with the Brazil theme)
1 tsp honey

1. Chop up and measure the fruit. Ebi-kun scooped the kiwi out with a spoon then chopped it.
2. One kiwi wasn't enough fruit so we added a small banana too. Tip the fruit into a jug (or blender)
3. Measure the juice and add to the jug/blender and then add the honey.
4. Use a blender to mix it all together.
5. The recipe says to pour into 3 small bowls but my freezer space is very limited so we poured into a tupperwear box instead. Pop into the freezer for 30 minutes - if you are using the 3 small bowls, if you put it into a larger container then it needs longer. 
6. While it is freezing, clean up. When it is ready, remove from the freezer and give it a good stir.
7. Eat!

Testers comments: hmmmm yummy but brrrrrr cold. I want to try with melon and strawberries next time.

Assistants notes : we both loves this, I recommend having an activity lined up ready to distract the little chef, Ebi-kun was getting impatient waiting for it to freeze. I only helped with the honey, he did everything else.

Sarah is also sharing her recipe ideas, this is her version of the sorbet, here.


  1. That looks yummy and fun to make! I bet the banana makes it more creamy...


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